7 things tennis directors can do to save a lot of time and run their academy, club, sport centre or federation with ease and enjoy life again #2
Written by Roland Laurense on Okt. 24th 2019
Warren Buffet " I can buy almost anything, but i can't buy time. Time is the most precious thing we have.  
So how can you run your tennis business better and save a lot of time? 
It’s time to improve the way we run our tennis business and how we teach and learn tennis. We have smart cars, phones, houses, televisions and more smart devices are coming. It's time to change right now and run our tennis business the SMART way! 
SMART = All-in , data driven and automated. 

If you decide to run your tennis academy, club, sports centre of federation the smart way, with the right all-in smart management & development software this will happen. 
1) Multitasking 
You can stop with multitasking and save a lot of time and enjoy life. What I see all the time is tennis directors who use separate tools, apps and software to manage their business, like Whatsapp, Youtube, e-mail, Excel, financial system, planning software, website and more. Because all these programs aren’t connected and automated, it's very hard to run your business this way. You need to do a lot of manual work and administration this way and you don’t have access to all data, so mistakes can be made very easily. Working this way is very frustrating, it costs you a lot of time, you need a lot of staff and you can’t offer a great customer experience. With all-in smart technology this is over. You can run every aspect of your business from one dashboard on autopilot with less work and less staff on the administration department.
2) Customer service 
Give your players a personal account and self-service options. Customers like self-service and don't like to wait. Depending on your role in the system, your personal account will offer you all the options you want, such as player information, communication, progress tracking, feedback, online programs and coaching, planning , agenda and much more. 
We also offer online booking options, so customers can book their lessons or courts directly in the shop. It’s also possible to communicate with their coach directly from their account or cancel their booking from their dashboard. So customers are always up to date and have full control. 
3) Connected
You’re always connected, so it’s possible for players, coaches and staff to work in and have access to their account from any desktop, laptop, iPad or phone anywhere in the world. You even have a mobile app in your own look & feel. 
4) Data driven
Your staff, players and parents are automatically informed. All the information about the player and his lessons, bookings and progress is available for player, parents and staff. This way they are always prepared, involved and updated. No need for meetings and all data is always at any time. This helps decision making and saves a lot of time. 
5) Payment   
No need to wait for incoming payments anymore. You can have your customer pay in advance with their booking and offer them many different payment options, like credit cards and iDEAL. 
6) Credits 
You can offer new and flexible business opportunities and extra service to your customers with credits. Credits make it possible to sell all kinds of memberships, single lessons, court rent, lesson plans, online coaching, online training programs and much more. You can even give credits back to players when they cancel and make it possible they schedule their own catch up lessons 
7)  Online coaching & development
As a specialist you can create your own online training program and earn extra income. Players who are interested can book and pay for this online. You can also offer online programs with online coaching and feedback 

So if you work the smart way, you get full control and time to enjoy life again! 

Roland Laurense 

Roland Laurense helps tennis directors to run their business better and save them lots of time by Tennline all-in smart tennis management & development software. He is an expert at helping tennis directors to run their academy, club , sports centre or federation better and with ease. If you're interested in running your own tennis academy, club, sports centre or federation better while saving a lot of time then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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